Saturday, February 13, 2010

hello readers

i have this addiction towards food more than i do towards fashion. u can tell by the expanding size of my waistline n bottom..although i am the co-owner of sassystuffs. this side blog is just so that readers can see my view on restaurants or food or books. whether its a new restaurant or a new recipe or a recommended place or read. ill try to tell all..
ive always wanted to read reviews from a malaysian side of view on foods all over the world. truth be told, wherever i go, im in search of the best malay thai chinese food available. ngihihihi


my time in south africa

To start things of, i love food. i love books. 1st entry

i always hate that whenever i go somewhere, they serve lousy food and the reviews in the magazine are all for high end restaurants. being a true malaysian, what i have to say is that i dont blend well with afrikan food.. sorry! so here are my views on the food so far

100rands= rm50

simply asia- a chain thai restaurant
canal walk, century city
being melayu, i wanted rice. u could choose the hotness of each dish. sparkling, star bright n something xtravaganza. i cant remember
i ordered the coconut tom kha gai in medium hot which was 74rands. ok mahal jugak. and cant beat the tom yam in aalen,germany(tell about it later)
oli had the tom yam goong xtra hot- well its better than mine. probly because of the chilli
abzada had the fried kue teow which was superbbbb

2nd time i had the kue teow but of a diff version. also superb in medium hot
lukas had it in non spicy. boringgg! ;p

nando's-canal walk
my 1st meal here was recommended by nahar(a steward i became friends with on the flight to cape town)
they say that nando's here is way better than msia
i had a quarter chicken with rice around 40rands.rm20
well, how they serve food is different. u cant have the 4choices of sauces here. whatever flavour u order is what u get. u can buy the sauce extra though. i dint.
chicken was superb. i had hot peri-peri
abzada had lemon n herb- so so only
mashed potatoes n rice was lousy.. haha

ocean's basket- near gordon's bay
this was recommended by k ann
we had sushi which was ok.
and the platter for 1 withgrilled fish, prawns, calamari, squid heads and mussels in garlic butter sauce
superb!! just a nice saltiness n creaminess to it

subway-victoria wharf, waterfront
friday-24.99rand for chicken tikka for a 6inch so i had it. bland. u only get 2sauces. it was grilled chicken bt it tasted like it was mashed..quite yuck

kfc-canal walk
they dont have a snack plate here :( so it was 2pcs of chicken with fries for 19.90rnd but i had it changed with mashed potatoes and added a loaf(what they call a bun cz it was huge) n salad(coleslaw)
ok guys so be thankful msian kfc is so darn nice. they dont have chilli sauce here. only chilli salt!! but abzada liked it so mcm different perspective la kot. to me it dint have that kfc taste in the original one..hmm

karibu-african victoria wharf,waterfront
appetizer-mussels thick creamy soup. biasa je.
i had ostrich steak with chakalaka n putu which is the local sub for rice. its like kus kus bt made fr corn i thnk. looks like kelapa parut bt tastes very starchy. and minced mixed onions n tomatoes n veggies, i dint like both
the ostrich was also a bit too sweet for me. hmm x sdap sgt la
abzada had lamb stew with rice. lets just say it looked n tasted like lamb msk kicap cair. n they put the stew on top on the rice so mcm banjir. haha

sea palace-chinese next to city lodge waterfront
appetizer-crispy duck was superb. with spring onions n carrots n cucumber with plum sauce. 98rand
main dish. sweet sour fish 88rand, sizzling beef 69 rand, seafood tofu pot
well, the sweet n sour sauce looked like it came fr a those thai cili sos in msia, sizzling beef dipped in flour before sizzled with peppers was not great
the seafood tofu was so dissapointing, i dint like the whole thng. i ate a bit probly because i had high expectations of this place.the duck was fabulous, the place was fully booked(according to the waiter tp byk je meja kosong, probly it was a cny eve n they only take walk in chinese people,dont know)
though the table next to us had a mountain high of lobsters.. shudve orderd that..:(

CTFM-cape town fish market, canal walk
had sushi. promo goes on fr 4-6 i thnk. bt it was relatively expensive for me. oli can afford 33rand for 2pieces of salmon nigiri. i cant tell the diff of a good or bad salmon cz i only eat salmon for the nutrients of it supposedly will make my skin n hair shine! haha tastebuds aside.

coming on to the 3rd week. will report soon.